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Main Exhibition


The goal of the museum is to introduce everything that is created and done in the theatre, and to provide inspiration for alternative teaching methods by introducing the method of puppet-thinking as a means of self-development. Museum of Puppetry Arts organises training courses that introduce acting techniques, offers educational programmes that encourage creativity and is in every way open to combining puppet theatre with other fields.

The exhibition of Museum of Puppetry Arts starts in the room of material cultures, in which visitors learn that in puppet theatre, anything that can be animated can be a puppet, be it a rock, a piece of wood, a boot or a chair. The next rooms are dedicated to different puppet types; there are marionettes as well as table-top, rod, hand and shadow puppets to play with. Visitors can try on costumes and wigs in an actress’s wardrobe, create stage designs on the magic table of theatre designers, and step into the shoes of mask or shadow theatre actors. In addition, the museum introduces various professions in puppet theatre, such as designer, director, prop maker, puppet maker, puppeteer, stage technician, stage manager, theatrical makeup artist and dresser.

Visitors can also read about the history of the theatre and see rare footage of the people and productions of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences (former name Estonian Puppet Theatre).